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Heytesbury House functions and weddings
Heytesbury House functions, weddings, catering


Our Beginning

Following the viewing of the ABC Australia program of BackRoads which was based on Robe, both Kathryn & Andrew were compelled to investigate further the Robe 2 Recovery program shown.

This initiative, initially started by Jacqui Bateman and Justin Brown back in 2015 provides respite to returned service men and women struggling with PTSD.  This community based program allows veterans and their partners or family to take time out from the pressures and stress of day to day living in a supportive community that offers more than just a place to stay.

Our initial discussions with both Jacqui & Justin only compelled us further to investigate the possibility of offering a similar program here in Cobden, well known for it’s caring community spirit.

We were encouraged by the support of local businesses, and community members keen to jump on board, and so we opened the doors to well deserving veterans and their loved ones to experience not only the peace and tranquillity of our property, but also the healing value of the natural surrounds of the hinterland and coastal regions of south west Victoria.

Each Veteran receives a welcome pack, loaded with gifts, vouchers for experiences or meals, and hand written thank you’s.  It’s the little things that have the biggest impact, and a simple “thank you for your service” is something not often heard, but treasured by those who have given so much.


Pay it Forward

You can become a supporter of the program by purchasing gift vouchers at local businesses which will be provided to the veterans on their arrival.  A simple message of thanks is also encouraged, and you will be notified when the gift is given.

There is real joy in being able to thank these very worthy veterans, but also their support network who equally have given so much, and often are overlooked.

We aim to provide a circuit breaker to the stresses of their lives, and thank them for their contribution of selfless work done to protect our borders and keep us safe.

Heytesbury House functions and weddings

Benn, Tarn and their sons used their Heytesbury Haven holiday as a circuit breaker from the pressures of normal life living with Benn’s PTSD.


Haven News


Dayle, Deacon and I would like to thank you both for allowing us to stay at Heytesbury house, it is such an amazing property and we had a fantastic weekend relaxing and exploring together, and i actually used my camera which hasn’t happened since I was diagnosed with PTSD 12 months ago. Please pass on our thanks  to the community who provided vouchers and goods (dayle is cooking apple and rhubarb crumble tonight) and a special thanks to the hardware store Deacon absolutely loved the tool belt and even came home and started to build some stuff. There is a photo attached. Thank you again for your hospitality it is very much appreciated and is a great opportunity to get away with the family and forget for just a weekend everything thats going on.

Kerrin | February 2020

On behalf of my partner and I, I would like to offer our deepest gratitude and thanks for facilitating our stay at Heytesbury House. We had a wonderful time away from the daily grind and it gave us the time and space to relax and gather our thoughts. Both Kathryn and Andrew offered such genuine and authentic hospitality. The gesture of various small gifts presented from some of the residents of Cobden in recognition of my service was very touching and heart felt appreciated.

Duncan | August 2019


Robe 2 Recovery

A special thank you to ABC Australia for showcasing this initiative on the January 1, 2018 episode of ‘Back Roads’. Season 3, Episode 5.

By Justin Brown
Robe 2 Recovery

The healing value of this program can not be understated, not only for the veteran but also for their partner or family. Reintegration into family life and the community can be difficult following deployments and this was the perfect environment for those who were struggling as a result of their service.

We are enormously proud of the Robe to Recovery program and we hope that other communities will adopt it themselves in a show of support for those who sacrifice so much and put their own lives and family time ahead of our own so that we may enjoy this wonderful country and everything it has to offer.

We thank Australia’s serving men and women, past and present, for the selfless work they do to protect our borders and keep us safe.

The community of Robe welcomes all who serve and through the Robe to Recovery program offer their support for those who need it.

Special thanks to the Robe Tourism Association.