After a very challenging 2020, where we were forced to suspend the Veteran Respite program, we are now really pleased to say we have a veteran coming to stay with us on 21st June.

Of course, in light of the recent lockdown there is a chance this may be delayed, but we are keeping everything crossed that it will be possible to provide this worthy veteran and his wife with some well earned respite.

We understand that the current economic climate has been challenging for all, in many varied ways.  It is incredibly heart warming to see the support which you have given to us and the program, and it is has been difficult to ask anyone to put their hand in their pocket in light of the struggles the community at large has been experiencing.

During last year, we received a very generous cash donation, which we are wanting to utilise on a 50/50 basis.  What does this mean?  For those who so generously offer donated goods, services and experiences, we will reimburse you 50% of the value of that donation.  We will provide you a form to submit a claim for the value of the goods and the “refund” will be returned into your nominated bank account once the veteran has stayed and utilised the gift.

In other news, we are also launching a Pay It Forward initiative.  This will encourage locals and visitors to the region alike to purchase a voucher from a local business, which will be provided to a worthy veteran.  Not only will this enable the general public to be involved, but also local businesses will benefit from the purchase of these vouchers.  Envelopes will be distributed amongst businesses wanting to take part.  Once lockdown is lifted, we will drop into all the retail outlets in town to let them know.  Please let us know if you are interested, and we will get some to you ASAP.

Thank you once again for your support.  This program would not be possible without you.

Kindest Regards,
Kathryn & Andrew